How do you winterize a SoftSwim pool?

  1. If any problems exist, such as cloudy water or algae growth, clear these up before performing a winter water analysis and beginning the closing procedures.

  2. When the pool is clear, perform a winter analysis in ALEX® Pro. Balancing parameters are slightly different for winter temperatures than for in-season. Balance according to the recommendations for winter closing.

  3. Brush and vacuum the pool.

  4. Backwash and clean the filter with SoftSwim® Filter Cleaner.

  5. Add 1 qt. of SoftSwim® A per 25,000 gallons.

  6. If the SoftSwim® C residual is 0 - 19 ppm, add 2 gallons of SoftSwim® C per 10,000 gallons to winterize. If the residual is 40 - 60 ppm, add 1 gallon of SoftSwim® C per 10,000 gallons. Wait 3 hours.

  7. Add SoftSwim® B to top up to 50 ppm.

  8. Run the filter continuously for 24-48 hours.

  9. Winterize the equipment according to manufacturer's directions.

  10. Follow recommended water draining and covering procedures appropriate to weather conditions in your area.