What should you do when not using a SoftSwim pool?

  1. Brush and vacuum the pool and solve any current problems, such as algae or cloudy water.

  2. Clean the filter using SoftSwim® Filter Cleaner.

  3. Perform a complete water analysis and balance the water for lower temperatures according to ALEX recommendations.

  4. Add 1 qt. of SoftSwim® A per 25,000 gallons. Circulate 2 hours.

  5. Add 1 gallon of SoftSwim® C per 10,000 gallons. Circulate 1 hour.

  6. Top the SoftSwim® B level up to 50 ppm.

  7. During the cooler weather, run the pump and circulation at least 4 hours a day. If temperatures drop below freezing, run the pump continuously.

  8. Adjust the frequency of water testing according to the temperature.

  • 55-70 degrees: test sanitizer once a week

  • 32-55 degrees: test sanitizer twice a month

  • Test pH and Total Alkalinity monthly.

  • Test SoftSwim® C levels monthly.

If freezing temperatures are expected, periodically inspect all equipment for proper operation, especially electrical controls on heaters and pumps.

CAUTION: If periodic freezing temperatures occur, the heater may need to be run several hours a day to keep water temperatures above freezing. When the air temperature falls below 32 degrees F, circulate the entire system continuously to keep ice formation to a minimum.

It will be necessary to periodically vacuum and brush the pool to eliminate debris, dirt, and leaves. Regular cleaning and removal of dirt and debris will help prevent surface staining and allow added sanitizers to work more effectively.