Can you prevent pool algae?

Algae is easily preventable in swimming pools by following a few key principles which includes using a preventive algicide dosed in regular increments


The use of a maintenance algicide contributes to improved water quality and helps prevent problems before they begin. In the event of an algae bloom, immediate treatment is the key to having the pool up and going again as soon as possible. BioGuard offers several different options for both maintenance and treatment algicides.

Algae Complete

Algae Complete™ is the latest innovation for troublesome algae remediation and prevention. This unique product contains two algae-killing ingredients - chelated copper and polyquat. The copper disrupts enzymes within the algae cell while the quats bury themselves in the cell wall to lyse the cell. Having two modes of action to kill algae is beneficial, especially when dealing with troublesome resistant algae. Additional benefits provided in this formula include a surface/waterline cleaner and a clarifier. The surface/waterline cleaner helps make it easier to remove surface clinging algae. The clarifier will help remove dead algae to clear the water faster, and will work in conjunction with any of the available clarifiers.

Back Up 2

Back Up® 2 is a quaternary ammonium based algicide. Quaternary ammonium compounds (quats) are positively charged and are therefore attracted to the negative charge on the cell wall of the algae. The quat’s wetting agent properties as well as this charge attraction allow it to enter the cell wall which causes the cell wall to break.


Banish® is a patented, non-staining, non-foaming copper based algicide. Copper is effective at killing algae because it disrupts enzymatic activity within the cell. If the enzymes do not function properly, the organism cannot survive. The use of copper makes Banish® a highly effective algae preventative product. And while Back Up 2 can cause foaming in pools where there is a water feature or attached spa, Banish will not cause foaming in these instances.

Algae All 60

Algae All 60® is a concentrated, non-foaming polymeric quat based algicide. Polymeric quat compounds work in a similar manner to ammonium chloride quats (as discussed above). This product can be used as either a treatment or for weekly maintenance.

Spot Kill and Spot Kill WP

Spot Kill® is a fast acting granular algae killer. It is ideal for treating black algae spots on the surface of the pool. It is important to brush often during treatment. As mentioned above, black algae are protected by an outer coating and breaking through this coating will assist in treatment. Spot Kill® WP is also a granular algae killer. However, it should be used in white plaster pools only.