What is the regular maintenance for a Mineral Springs pool?

Run the pump a minimum of 10 - 12 hours per day to ensure adequate filtration and activity of the Mineral Springs unit.


Test the free chlorine residual and the pH. Maintain free available chlorine residual at 1 - 3 ppm by adjusting the sanitizer output control on the Mineral Springs unit. Maintain pH at 7.4 - 7.6. Adjust as needed.

Add 1 lb. of Mineral Springs Renewal per 5,000 gallons every week to help offset pH drift, maintain clear water and mineral balance. The minerals can be lost through backwashing, dilution, splash out and are replenished with Mineral Springs Renewal.


Perform a complete water analysis and balance according to ALEX recommendations.

As needed:

Brush and vacuum the pool, and empty skimmer and pump baskets.

Backwash the filter.

Change the sanitizer output control for varying sanitizer consumption to prevent over or under-chlorination of water. Maintain 1 - 4 ppm.

Chemically clean the filter with Strip Kwik mid-season.

For normal operation, leave the main switch in the AUTO position.

When you have an abnormally high bather load, a large amount of rain, cloudy water, or any other condition which calls for the introduction of a large amount of sanitizer, put the main switch in the SANITIZER BOOST position. This electronically super sanitizes the water for 24 hours or until the power for the pump has been turned off, whichever comes first. The pump must be on during this time. At the end of the sanitizer boost cycle, be sure to put the switch back on the AUTO position. Alternately, you may add 1 lb. of Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer.