How do you winterize a Mineral Springs pool?

  1. If any problems exist, such as cloudy water or algae growth, clear these up before performing a winter water analysis and beginning the closing procedures.

  2. When the pool is clear, perform a winterization analysis. Balancing parameters are slightly different for winter temperatures than for in-season. Balance according to ALEX recommendations for winter shut-down.

  3. Do all housekeeping chores. Brush and vacuum. Clean the waterline with Off the Wall. Cleaning the pool surfaces before shutting down the pool will help prevent permanent staining.

  4. Clean out the skimmer baskets and the hair/lint trap. If the system will not be circulated, remove and store them.

  5. Chemically clean the filter using Strip Kwik and Kleen It. Strip Kwik is necessary to remove oil and grease from the filter. Kleen It should be used if you have any possibility of scale buildup in the filter.

  6. With the pump running, add 1 lb. of Arctic Blue Shock per 6,000 gallons. Wait one hour.

  7. Add 16 oz. of Arctic Blue Algae Protector per 12,000 gallons around the edges with the pool.

  8. Circulate 2-4 hours.

  9. Turn your chlorine generator to the OFF position. The electronic control is capable of withstanding any winter weather and should NOT be removed.

  10. Drain all the water from the pump, filter, and supply and return lines before any freezing conditions occur, so as not to damage the Mineral Springs electrolytic cell. Follow manufacturer's instructions.

  11. Follow your professional dealer's recommendations for additional winterization instructions for your pool type.