What is biofilm?

Biofilm is the white slimy scum or mold that develops on the pool surfaces including the floor, walls, plumbing, and water surface

Water mold is not a single organism. It’s a combination of microorganisms, living in a city-like arrangement in the slime. Water mold can be white, grey, or even pink; the color depends upon the ratio of the different microorganisms in the slime. The slime typically grows on surfaces, but it can also break free and look like tissue paper floating in the water.

Scientists refer to these sorts of slimes on surfaces as biofilm. Some microorganisms form biofilms easily. Others take a long time to organize themselves into these slimy coatings. Biofilms can be divided into three “city” sections as you move out from the surface. The bit closest to the surface is like a slum in a city. This section doesn’t see a whole lot of oxygen, and it doesn’t get a lot of nutrients. The microorganisms in this layer tend to have a different metabolism than the others, due to lack of oxygen, and their job is anchoring the slime to the surface.