What should you do when not using a chlorine pool?

This is what to do during the pool off-season or long periods of time that the pool will not be used like a vacation.

In milder climates where the temperatures may not drop below freezing, it may be preferable to leave the pool running and not perform the winterization shut-down procedures. A small amount of maintenance will still be required, but much less frequently than during the warmer summer months. If the water temperature is going to drop near 32, perform a Winter analysis and follow winterization procedures to protect the equipment.

  1. Perform a complete water analysis and balance according to ALEX® Pro recommendations. The cooler water temperature will require slightly different balancing parameters to prevent equipment corrosion and surface damage.

  2. Clear up all problems, such as algae growth, biofilm or cloudy water.

  3. Brush and vacuum the pool and clean the waterline with Off the Wall®.

  4. Backwash and clean the filter with Strip Kwik® and Kleen It®.

  5. Begin your off season maintenance routine:

  • Run the pump a minimum of 4 hours a day.

  • Maintain 1 - 3 ppm free chlorine residual and a pH range of 7.4 - 7.6 at all times. Test once a week when the water temperature is 55° - 65° F. Test every two weeks if the water temperature drops below 55° F.

  • Shock the pool monthly.




BurnOut® 73

1 lb. per 16,500 gallons

BurnOut® 3

1 lb. per 20,00 gallons

Power Chlor

1 lb. per 10,000 gallons

Super Soluble®

1 lb. per 10,000 gallons

Smart Shock®

1 lb. per 12,000 gallons


  • Follow with the maintenance dose of your algicide.




Algae Complete® 1.5 oz. per 10,000 gallons

Back Up® 2

1.5 oz. per 10,000 gallons

Banish® 1.5 oz. per 10,000 gallons

Algae All 60®

3 oz. per 10,000 gallons

Algicide 28 - 40™

1 oz. per 5,000 gallons